You moved me where?

I just glanced at the date of my last post and realized just how much has happened since last June.  It was about that time that I began speaking with the fine people associated with FBC in Artesia.  Little did I know then that the plant in my front flower bed that I had to dig up due to a plumbing issue in McKinney would end up being a Yucca plant… a real clue as to what was to about to unfold in my life.  It just so happens that the Yucca is the state plant/flower of New Mexico.  And if you follow the progression here, New Mexico is our new home.  Complete coincidence?  Yes, but can we at least refer to it as foreshadowing in the narrative of my life’s story?

We have just about landed in Artesia, New Mexico.  I won’t say that we have completely settled because our stuff is still in storage on a trailer somewhere in North Texas as we wait for our home to be built.  So no, we aren’t home just yet because I don’ t have all my clothes, files, etc.  Thankfully our house sold in just over a week and that my family is here with me.  It was a rough fall given that I was commuting and didn’t see my family except for once every 10-12 days.  Not fun… The boys have come to know this place as home, and it amazes me just how adaptable little children can be.  

We have found this quaint little town in SE New Mexico to be full of wonderful people and promise.  The church, too, fits that description and I look forward to going to work each day.  It has been a lesson in patience at times, and a lesson in discovery daily.  Though this community could easily pass as a West Texas town, yet it still has a distinctive New Mexican feel. 

As I have time, I will continue to fill you in on life here in the high desert/oil field region of Southeast New Mexico.  I promise it will be raw, honest and filled with humor.

2 responses to “You moved me where?

  1. I know you’re a busy guy (I almost typed ‘boy’ because you’ll always be my boy!) but I sure have missed your comments, insights, and humor. We are so happy for you and your family that God led you to this place of service and this sweet fellowship (being 500 miles closer is also a huge plus!).As is often the case, reading this brught a tear to my eye…tears of happiness and thankfulness.
    Love you son,

  2. its about time for an update. Glad you are making in the desert.

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