The bird has landed

Well after almost 6 months of renting, we now can call Artesia “home.”  We are thankful and look forward to improving our new home in such a way that we feel more comfortable in it, as well as a more welcoming environment for those we invite over.  In the last few months we have been very busy!  Trish continues to commute to DFW about once a month so that she can fulfill her commitment to the Westwood School.  LT is slowly taking to potty training, and all I can think of is… “Great, we have new carpet!”  So far he has done well and I am very proud of him.  H continues his hard-living ways – at least as “hard” as you can live as a 2yr old.  The kid doesn’t sit still and would love nothing more than to put his head through a wall some days!  We crack up every time he smiles…

Mom and dad just left and we all now turn our focus to the birth of my sister’s first child, Jace.   We enjoyed their visit, but not as much as they enjoyed it as grandparents.  Naturally it is becoming harder to say goodbye.   The church is very active, and in recent weeks it has been even more active for me as I was called on to speak for about a month while our Senior Pastor was out for a knee replacement.  I enjoyed my time in the pulpit, but glad to be back focused on things that I was called here to evaluate and lead.  The days ahead are filled with promise as our staff looks to improve on what is already a great church! 

Lastly, at least for today, we are working on our summer vacation.  It looks like we are headed back to the Gulf Shores area of Alabama after nearly a 7yr absence.  We are fired up!  If LT learns of our destination for this summer, it will be CRAZY because the beach will be the ONLY thing he will talk about!  That’s a lot of beach talk for the next 4 months!

One response to “The bird has landed

  1. Yes, it was very hard leaving those 2 precious boys (mom and dad, too!. but we enjoyed our visit very much and look forward to having the clan here for Christmas! Yay!

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