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Well Mildred… it was interesting!

It was quite the day yesterday!  We had a full house and everyone managed to navigate the chaos pretty well!!  All in all, God was honored.  Our volunteer teams did an incredible job and I hope that everyone had a wondeful Easter experience.  I hear that there were over 5200 people worshipping at FBC yesterday between the two campuses!!  I think more would have turned out if we didn’t have unusually cold weather, but even with the cool weather over 380 people turned out to worship God with us at FMNorth!! 

We found out that we can do two services at the North Campus without imploding.  We have some work to do, but by the fall we should be ready to go if God so desires.  So in the mean time, we pray that God would reveal his desire and bring more people to hear about His love and grace for the world. 

Stay tuned!

Hold on Mildred… this could get interesting!

For those of you in Christendom, consider this your friendly public service announcement…

Sunday happens to be Easter! 

This weekend is always the busiest time of the year for churches, and that certainly is the case for our church (!  This will be only our second Easter as a campus, so we don’t have much in the way of history to help guide our planning as it pertains to expected attendance.  That’s why the title of this post seems so fitting!  As a leadership team we are going to just hang on and see what happens.  God has been really doing some incredible things with our group over these last few months.  I expect Sunday to be no different. 

As you wait expectantly for Easter, here is a website that will help you prepare for the weekend.

 See you on Easter!