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My wife made this request.

My wife has been reading this blog for some time now.   It is an incredible story, and one that has readers from all over the globe.  You should check it out.

Good choices

Well it’s Christmas Eve and I am looking forward to tonight’s candlelight service in our community.   Hopefully we will get some photos up after the event.  If so, you will be able to find them at

So with Trisha’s surgery, work, a nasty virus that made its way through our family, the economy, world hunger and the decay of the cypress wetlands of southern Louisiana… one has to focus to remain focused throughout the Christmas season!  Whew!  So as part of the drill, I am up at roughly 4:45am with H.  Unfortunately, that also meant that I would remain up all morning so I decided to cruise the internet.  I found this story on ESPN.  Rick Reilly is a great columnist and I have always enjoyed his work.  I think you will enjoy this inspirational piece on a local football showdown here in the Dallas area. Continue reading

Family Photos

Not vain, just proud!

Son of Whale

Please take a moment and jump over to a colleague’s blog.  His father is fighting for his life at the moment.  It looks rather bleak, but we trust that God will heal. 

Son of Whale

New photos

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Man-to-Man Defense

A wise father of three once told me that caring for two children is much, much easier than three.  Now the math would definitely support that, but how much harder would it be – really?   Well after nearly 6 weeks of caring for two little boys (I ‘get’ to go to work), I am here to tell you… I am not sure I need to know how much harder it is!  This may be enough!  This same friend likened parenting three children to a zone defense as opposed to a “man-to-man” defense that gets employed when you have two.  You know, a child for each parent…. get it?  Are you laughing yet? 

In the first month and a half we have seen the flu hit all of us once, and now LT has it again.  We pray that “H” doesn’t come down with it as well.  We have also experienced the dreaded life of co-pays for two children as well as the accompanying prescription meds that come with those doctors visits.  I think I am going to test the waters of renting out rooms for rent!  Trish is learning how life is boiled down to a few priorities when staying home with a toddler and newborn.  As any mom knows, that makes for a tough transition.

She had a great line today… “The days are long, but the years are shorter now.”  She made that meaningful comment as we were talking about how quickly LT is growing up.  We were sad because that truth stings.  In chaotic life circumstances, you quickly lose sight of the little things.  It’s just that the ‘little thing’ in this case is my oldest baby boy.