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Well it’s happened again… FBC is once again a shelter for NOLA evacuees. It appears that we will be hosting around 100 guests through the week. You can get updates via, but I am sure help will be needed at various points throughout the day.  If you can help, please swing by!

Turns in the road

This isn’t news to many of you, but for those who may not know my pastor, Dr. Jeff Warren, recently found out that his wife has cancer.  You can track the story by visiting his blog here.  Please pray.

Son of Whale

Please take a moment and jump over to a colleague’s blog.  His father is fighting for his life at the moment.  It looks rather bleak, but we trust that God will heal. 

Son of Whale

Probably just nervous energy!

As I stare down the barrell of my upcoming sabbatical, I am left this week with an abundance of nervous energy.  I know this 6-week period will be profitable for a number of reasons and a number of poeple.  I was up this morning with “H” as he has been sleeping through the night, but has determined it necessary to wake up prior to 6am.  He and I had a little father-son conversation about that this morning as I was feeding him; though I am really unsure just how much he took to heart.  But as I sat there feeding him this little dialogue crept into my thoughts.  Now I understand it was early, and yes, this sabbatical is quickly approaching but my heart and mind were engaged in this war of logic, conviction and longing. 

You see our church, like so many in recent months, has apparently been feeling the effects of this economy.  I am not totally convinced the financial strain can be directly attributed to the economy, and so I have begun to wonder if there are other reason(s) for this season.  That progression took me down a path of wonder.  What if God was recalibrating our church?  Continue reading

DR slideshow

Here is a slideshow that one of our DR team members put together.  Enjoy!


Jason from Los Algodones

As I was moving our new worship leader back from North Carolina, I got an email from one of the DR team members.  She informed me that her Sunday morning BFG had raised the necessary funds to pay for a corrective surgery and rehab for a little Haitian boy named Jason. 

We heard about Jason’s plight Continue reading