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Today was the day

Well the ‘package’ has been delivered.   I didn’t hear any wailing or gasps, so I think that is a really good sign!  Our team feels very confident about this decision, and we are praying that as many of our ‘family’ can arrive at that same level of peace.  We know that will be a tall task because leaders are always way out front when it comes to casting vision and dreaming, but I am confident that this fine congregation will see the real benefits of this shift and be at our side within a short period of time.  Besides, no decision is really savored unless one has to wrestle with it some… right?

You can track the launch of Church at Water’s Edge by clicking here or referring to the link on the right.  This process will be a quick one given our timeline, but a deliberate in that it will take time for this new paradigm to truly take root.  So as you pray, use this blog as a way to educate and prepare yourself and family.

It was a special day, and one that I won’t soon forget.  God has our attention, so now we wait on Him to show his power, creativity and love.  I hope all of you at North-Water’s Edge will be there to see it unfold. 

Love you all.

Tomorrow’s the day…

Well tomorrow’s the day.  We get a chance to set a new course for North.  A course that I trust will allow us to pursue our mission as a church with fervor, freedom and fun.  The next few weeks will be a lesson in patience as we try to answer as many questions as possible for our congregation.  If you are reading this tonight, can I ask you to pray?  I hate to be vague, but God is certainly aware of what’s unfolding here.  Pray that the news delivered tomorrow will be received with open arms and excitement.  We want as many people as ‘heavenly’ possible to be a part of this upcoming journey to the “Water’s Edge.”


Well it’s happened again… FBC is once again a shelter for NOLA evacuees. It appears that we will be hosting around 100 guests through the week. You can get updates via, but I am sure help will be needed at various points throughout the day.  If you can help, please swing by!


It was a good, but wierd, day at North.  I saw a lot of new faces today, and some that I had wished to see that weren’t there.  Not having Barbara Cross there to anchor our PreK area was ‘different.’  With that said, our fill-in solution was a solid one.  Thanks team.  The worship experience was encouraging.  I saw and heard a lot of people engaged worshipping.  I was reminded today just how important of a job Jon Glidden did in my absence.  I hope he understands that.  It was apparent that our people did. 

This week will prove pivotal in securing some answers to our hopes for North.  If the week plays out the way our team hopes it will, the next few weeks will be really neat to see unfold.  Thank you for welcoming me and my family back.  We missed you!

McKinney Scene

I met with one of my friends last night at the new Delaney’s Irish Pub next to Market Street.  I hadn’t been in there yet, so we gave it a try.  First, an interesting note… this place is located in the very store front that used to be Beef O’ Brady’s.  I guess someone felt they could replace one psuedo-Irish establishment with another.  So far, so good.

The place was packed with young people and families alike.  It was loud, but that means there was a lot of energy.  It should be a great place to connect with locals and gain some perspective on our community.  The food was decent, and their food/beverage lineup was rather comprehensive.  Everyone should find something they like. 

Check it out.  It will be on my rotation to meet people.

Competing systems

Well the sabbatical has ended and I find myself squarely in the throws of church leadership now that I am in the office.  I will say this, Andrew, Jon, Barb and Blake all did a bang up job during a tough time within our church body… both campuses.  I am certainly proud of them, their maturity and spiritual leadership. 

In the last couple of days God has certainly been at work!  Sharing the entirety of what God seems to be revealing to the team would be a bit premature, but I will say this.  It’s time to make a shift.  The North Campus has been a wonderful exhibition in faith, hard work, and selflessness, and in our worst moments a display of fear, apathy and self-centerdness.  But as I sit here, I truly believe that the faith and ownership of so many (of which many are no longer worshipping with us), are about to be gloriously rewarded.  Stay tuned… Continue reading