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In with the band!

We made it out alive!  Trish and I had a great time hanging out with our dear friend John Joiner.  He was a gracious host.  We spent Thursday night in Manhatten, KS.  It began snowing as we left Topeka and didn’t stop for another few hours.  It was crazy to have snow in April, but then again we live in DFW.  Of course as I type that, I now realize we had flurries here in DFW when landed on Saturday morning!  WEIRD!

After taking in John’s band as the opening act to Jack Ingram, I learned two things.  I am no longer 19 and will not allow LT to turn any age after 17 unless he skips the years of 18, 19, 20 and most of 21!  Why?  Think back to your college years and all the things you would take back if you had the chance.  Now add them up and apply them to one evening.  That was Thursday!  Just kidding…. it wasn’t that bad.  I have aged (most would say not very well), and I have been changed…. but I digress. 

The bands were great, though Jack Ingram’s show was too similar to the other performances we have seen.  All in all, a good night for music. 

In case you are wondering, my quest to become a “roadie” was nearly quenched.  I still want to do a sound check on the drums.  I was able to load and off-load guitars, drums and other band necessities.  All I needed was the stereotypical roadie apparel and much more facial hair.

Kansas City was a pretty nice area and would like to visit during the summer months.  In the mean time, I am content with being 33 and a father.   I still enjoy live music and even hope that LT takes it up some day.