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DR slideshow

Here is a slideshow that one of our DR team members put together.  Enjoy!


Jason from Los Algodones

As I was moving our new worship leader back from North Carolina, I got an email from one of the DR team members.  She informed me that her Sunday morning BFG had raised the necessary funds to pay for a corrective surgery and rehab for a little Haitian boy named Jason. 

We heard about Jason’s plight Continue reading


They say when a combat veteran returns to “normal society” (take a sec to ponder that comment) it is often very difficult to roll back into the world back home.  I really have no idea what that feeling is like, but this week has been tough for some of our DR project members.  After spending a week waist deep in throngs of poverty, prostitution, depravity, hunger, disease and just about every other sickening attribute assigned to many developing countries, there have been a few that have struggled with their return home.  I imagine those emotions inflame over very simple things like water out of a tap to air-conditioned cars. 

For me the return home has been a relative simple one.  Having experienced DR on a small scale in December, I was more prepared for what I saw last week.  Not to say that I wasn’t impacted, but preparation can be a useful thing.  Given that my rolling back into American culture has been relatively smoothe, I began to wonder how broken my heart was for the land I just left… at least I wondered until tonight. Continue reading

DR wrap up

The bulk of our team arrived home last night.  A 2hr delay in Miami couldn’t dampen our spirits.  This project was inspiring and challenging.  Each team member felt as if they were squarely in the middle of God’s will this past week.  We made many new friends – some for probably for life.  Each day brought new challenges and familiar messages.  This area in the DR needs more people to assist it in its development and awareness of Jesus.  Thank you for praying.  I hope to post pictures as they become available. 

Dominican Republic Updates

Through the miracle of technology and utter egoism (Twitter), I will be able to send brief text updates from my phone about the project in the DR.  Twitter allows you to update your friends about your day through short messages. Not that any of you are terribly concerned about my daily goings on, but I thought I would make good use of the tool and update you on what God is doing on our trip.  What man intended for egoism, God intended for the good! Thank you Twitter!

The right column contains a box that will host those updates.  The news feed is a tad slow, but I will be sending updates at least three times a day so check back periodically starting June 13. 

Transforming Your World Month

April is Transforming Your World month here at FBC McKinney.  As a body we are focusing on a number initiatives.  These range from world poverty to AIDS-ravaged regions of our globe.  There is a definite local flavor as well.  The month ends in a week long celebration of sorts.  This conference will feature seminars, Andy Flannagan in concert, a third world banquet and a Sunday where the church leaves the four walls and ‘becomes the church’ in our community.  The North Campus will focus on about 4-5 efforts on that weekend. 

5 ways you can Transform Your World during the week of April 20-27

Go and Be… Learn
Engage in several learning moments throughout the week in seminars on living the extraordinary life, global poverty, understanding AIDS, becoming missional, and much more.  Times and locations will be available online.

Go and Be… Worship
Join us for a special evening for the whole family.  Come experience live worship with Irish worship phenomenon Andy Flannagan Wednesday, April 24. in the Louisiana St. Worship Center.

Go and Be… Everywhere
The weekend of April 26 & 27, take part in one of the countless opportunities that have been created to “be” the church on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

Go and Be… Celebrate
The evening of Sunday, April 27, we will gather together to experience a powerful Third World Banquet followed by a celebration of God’s work throughout the week.  NOTE:  Dominican Republic team will be commission during this evening.

Go and Be… Giving
Our goal is to release over $300,000 to local, national, and global projects.  The world is on our hearts. Give toward the Transforming Your World Offering taken throughout April, concluding May 4.