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Romania Video

This is a video we showed to the North Campus this last Sunday.  We used it as a part of our presentation.   

Romania Recap #2

This Sunday we will have our Romania Trip Celebration.  We are using a panel format consisting of most of our team.  It should be a great time.  We hope to encourage others in the church family to consider going ‘on mission.’

I do have an update from Pastor Ion in the Arad area.  At the church in Radna, 3 have accepted Christ since our departure and now over 19 adults and children are attending the small village church in Patris!!  This is great news and a tribute to those believers that have been praying!  We kept telling ourselves, “Just keep planting seeds.” 

Here are some more photos from our trip.

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Romania Recap #1

Well, we made it back in one piece… but not the same!  Thank you for your prayers.  They were answered in many ways.  This post will be the first of many as I try to tell the story of this trip.  It is always hard to relay what God does on projects like these because there are just so many angles, but I will try in some small way to share my heart.

First off – the vitals. 

Travel:  We left on October, 25 and flew to NY – Venice – Timisoara.  Our return trip brought us back via Atlanta with an unexpected emergency landing in Boston due to a medical emergency on the plane.  That made the 11-hour trip just a wee bit tougher!

Assignment:  We stayed in a brand new hotel in Arad and managed to get a good night’s sleep before getting our assignment that next Saturday morning.  Amber Hargrove and I were assigned to a church in Radna.  Others on our team were paired up in similar way all over the Arad area. 

Radna, Soimois and Lipova are all villages conjoined along the banks of the Mures River (moor-resh).  Our pastor was Ion (John) Damian.  He pastors the Radna church, as well as trying to establish churches up the Mures River Valley.  He is a very progressive thinker and has a heart for missions.  Of course, we just ate that up!! 

We spent the weekend in Radna, as I preached both services on Sunday.  Monday we left for the village of Patris (Pa-treesh).  This was a beautiful and quaint village just off E-68 – the major east-west Euro highway in Romania… more on that in another post.  The village probably has a population of about 2,000.  Thursday, Friday and Sunday was spent back in Radna.  Saturday was dedicated to a small village between Radna and Petris called Barsava (Ba – rrrr – sava).  I preached ever night for a total of 10 times!! 

Results:  This always is a tough thing to assess.  Our team saw 1o6 people become Christ-followers, but the seeds for more life-change were certainly planted.  God was at work throughout the trip.  Amber and I didn’t actually witness anyone accept Christ, but we were affirmed in that God was using our efforts. 

I will be blogging each night for a while to provide you some unique stories.  I have included some pictures tonight for you to view.   

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Romania Update #2

For those of you keeping track… Amber and I have been shifted to another church in the Arad area. We were previously inside the city, but now we will be operating out of Lipova. It appears to be about 20-30 miles due east of Arad. Our hosts own a bakery, with their home located just behind the business…. too bad.  I had really hoped to lose some weight walking everywhere on the trip.  I guess pastries for breakfast will have to do! 

Below you will find a couple of websites that will give you some idea of the community and outlying areas.  Given the potential story these photos tell, it appears that there is a heavy Russian Orthodox presence in this community.  That should give us some perspective when speaking with people about Jesus Christ.

Photos 1 (in Romanian)

Photos 2

Romania Update

So here’s the final roster for our trip to Romania this fall. 

Derek Rude
Bill Gross
Barbara Cross
Amber Hargrove
Jon Glidden, Jr.
John Hill
Jules Qualls
Kent Jones

I learned on Monday that Amber and I will be paired together and working out of Golgota Baptist Church in Arad.  Pastor Hanc is 29 years of age, and his church runs somewhere in the 300 range.  We are still unclear as to our schedule, but we can probably count on a lot of visits (personal and schools) and preaching. 

The weather looks to be getting colder with the highs in the 50s.  That makes for an interesting packing list.  I am taking some old CDs from the Louisiana Street Campus that feature a worship band that used to lead the Matrix service on Sunday nights.  We will hand those out as “thank you gifts” for our pastors, translators and host homes.  These CDs have to be about 5-6 years old – if not older.  Anyhow, my goal is to make Myron Wilson (Minister of Worship & Arts-Louisiana Street Campus) more popular in Western Romania than David Hasselhoff is in Germany!  That would be huge!!

Romania Trip coming together

It has been a while since I blogged about my trip to Arad, Romania in October-November.  Yesterday we had a trip meeting at First McKinney North and we were able to look each other in the eyes and commit to prayer and preparation for the trip.  It was a God moment.  In the last week, it appears as if God has increased our roster by two team members!!  That is awesome since the need is around 50!  We knew going in that goal would be tough, but every person matters at this point given that we will be working with individual congregations in the area.  In addition to the team listed below, there are about 5-6 more joining us from other suburbs of Dallas and even Florida. 

Here is a quick roster of names that have committed to go.  If you don’t mind, please add them to your prayer time over the next month or so.

Barbara Cross
Jon Glidden, Jr.
Bill Gross
Amber Hargrove
John Hill
Kent Jones, Project Leader
Jules Qualls
Pasco Rowe
Derek Rude
Joey White, Project Co-Leader
Kim Sudtelgte