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Continuing on a similar vein…

On a good run of material relating to healthy application of the Gospel… just another good piece of clarity of how human-defined morals aren’t the answer to life’s trials.  

Swallow that comment

Ever thought something about church, Christianity, religion, etc. and was too afraid to voice it?  An innovative blogger asked this question some time ago and is now posing it again.  Read the responses here.

Homosexuality and the church

Just typing that should make me nervous, but I am not sure why.   A while back I stumbled across a pastor’s blog from the Charlotte area.   He is the pastor of Lake Forest Church (EPC) in the Charlotte area.   The EPC is the more ‘conservative’ arm of the Presbyterian denomination.  They have had a great evangelical track record and have been starting churches all across this country in recent years.  Great stuff.  

Mike Moses, the pastor of LFC, has a blog titled Purple Pastor.  It has been an engaging read over the last few months.  A recent post about homosexuality and its impact upon his church and denomination is worth reading.  I would agree with much of what he says.  

Click here to read the comments by Mike Moses.

Why I walked out of church

Why I walked out of church.

written by Julie R. Neidlinger     

Today, I went to Bismarck Evangel Temple, sat through the worship and most of the sermon, and then…walked out before it was done.

I don’t blame that church; it is my own inability to fit that literally forced me to leave. I don’t really doubt their sincerity, and that many people love the programs and opportunities that church provides. I’ve even found, in the past, a few sermons to be interesting. But…

I believe what I believe — my Christian faith — not because of tradition or because I was raised that way. Not because I want fire insurance or hell-avoidance. Not because I want to find a group or place to belong. I believe it on my own, I believe it to be real, I believe it to be important and valid, and I believe the way we have made Christianity out to be is completely wrong. And that’s why I have such a hard time going to church as it is now done.

Reaching people with trendiness
A recent cover story at World Magazine about “NextGen Worship” inspired a strong desire to smack the pastors depicted in the article and in the photos. The cover photo alone enraged me, with the pastor wearing baggy jeans and untucked button-up shirt with flip flops and an ear microphone. Later, the same guy is shown out front of a church holding a paper Starbucks-like cup of coffee. Could he try any harder to be lame? Continue reading

Do you agree?

I found this information from an article in the Dallas Morning News.  Let me know if you agree with the generational breakdowns.  Are you prototypical given these descriptions?

“To understand the millennials, you have to understand all of the generations and how they fit together,” says Cathie Loonie, who, at 57, is a baby boomer in age but not in spirit.

Here’s her take on her generation and the next two. Continue reading

Impaled on the ‘Horns of a dilemma

 So I am reading in the Book of Mark, chapter 11 (read it here), about the pointed exchange between Christ and his adversaries within the Jewish establishment.  They attempt to trap Christ with a cunning question, but Christ responds to a question with an even more cunning queston.  At the end of this face-off, we learn a number of things.  One of which is that if man doesn’t face truth in the face, regardless of how much it may sting, the alternative is a life of helplessness.  The chief priests didn’t want to confront the truth about Jesus for fear of any number of outcomes.  In the end, they were left trying to find another way to cast him in a negative light.  This tension continues in the Bible until Christ is crucified.  It appeared to be the easiest way to eradicate the truth, but we know that truth will ultimately win out!

I am a huge baseball fan.  Today’s hearings in Washington D.C. over Major League Baseball’s steroid use, though silly given what other issues our elected officials could be addressing, totaly undergird what the Bible had to say in the above passage.  Continue reading