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Grounds of Hope

Some time ago I referenced a desire for us at Water’s Edge to work toward opening a coffee shop that would also host our worship gatherings weekly.  That plan has morphed over the last 6 months, but the Grounds of Hope project is still perculating.   This whole concept has gone viral.  Our Facebook group has eclipsed the 1,000 member mark and there is certainly a buzz around Water’s Edge and FBC. 

Please take a moment and check out the website link to the right and investigate for yourself the scope of this dream.   Pray about it.   You may want to contribute to the movement somehow.   As a teaser, here is Jon Glidden giving us some glimpse of the Grounds of Hope impact during his trip to Malawi in January.

Tomorrow’s the day…

Well tomorrow’s the day.  We get a chance to set a new course for North.  A course that I trust will allow us to pursue our mission as a church with fervor, freedom and fun.  The next few weeks will be a lesson in patience as we try to answer as many questions as possible for our congregation.  If you are reading this tonight, can I ask you to pray?  I hate to be vague, but God is certainly aware of what’s unfolding here.  Pray that the news delivered tomorrow will be received with open arms and excitement.  We want as many people as ‘heavenly’ possible to be a part of this upcoming journey to the “Water’s Edge.”

Turns in the road

This isn’t news to many of you, but for those who may not know my pastor, Dr. Jeff Warren, recently found out that his wife has cancer.  You can track the story by visiting his blog here.  Please pray.

It’s only a season

In one of my recent posts I referred to the synonomous qualities found in various stories of Jesus and him intersecting with the lives of the poeple of Galilee.  That synonomous quality was often water.  I challenged the reader to discover their well, river or fountain that they can use as an opportunity to stand in the crossroads of hope and hurt.  Well, we have our first winner! Continue reading

Sabbatical Thoughts Part II

We just got back from the Pacific Northwest last night, although we are minus one infant seat.  (Is it me, or is American Airlines having more and more difficulties with departing/arriving on time and other service issues?)  Anyhow, the boys did really well on the flights.  LT had a good 10 minute span of 2 year old insanity, but with Children’s Tylenol anything is possible!

We had a really nice time with my family.  Trish and the boys felt at home at my parents’ place, and we got to see LT connect with his grandparents over an extended period of time.  It was a blessing to us both.  Leaving was certainly more difficult this time around.  Hearing my son say “Look Papa…” was the best moment.  But with every episode of connection within this growing family, it just reinforces how hard it is to say goodbye.  I was keenly aware of that fact early this week. 

I am ready to return to my ‘extended family’ here in McKinney – FM North.  When I left, the church as a whole was facing some real struggles, and as we have learned at North we aren’t immune to those variables.  Knowing that made this sabbatical very difficult to feel at ease with as I signed off Continue reading

Son of Whale

Please take a moment and jump over to a colleague’s blog.  His father is fighting for his life at the moment.  It looks rather bleak, but we trust that God will heal. 

Son of Whale