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Tell your story

Here at the North Campus of FBC McKinney, we are always challenging our people to tell their spiritual life-stories.  Often this means that conversations just happen organically with friends, family and neighbors, but on days like today it was done via video in our worship service.

Melissa, the young woman in the video, is married to Jon Glidden, Jr.  Jon is our children’s pastor and they have endured a lot this past year.  Here is Melissa’s story.  Enjoy.

Never to cease to amaze

Is it healthy to look back on a long day at the church and feel that early morning stress made the day that more special?  Today we brought back KidStuf to the North Campus after a summer off.  I addition to that increased level of activity and volunteerism, we had some miscommunication in the worship room and had an hour less to setup than normal.  But with all that craziness, our team once again stepped up the challenge!  These men and women never cease to amaze me with their energy, commitment and desire to serve God and their fellow believers at First McKinney North.   It has been a long, hot and tough summer for our setup teams.  Today was no different… and in a way… it makes me feel more connected to the church.  The bottom line is that without people setting up church each week, we don’t have the privilege to worship our God in such a wonderfully engaging fashion. 

If you guys read this blog, thank you!  Thank you as a Campus Pastor and a fellow worshipper.  I love your surrender!  It inspires me!

Deal or No Deal

One of the latest rages in pop culture is the new game show on NBC called Deal or No Deal. Host Howie Mandel tortures each contestant by presenting the person with a choice at the end of each round to take a guaranteed amount or try for a more lucrative amount – hence the question, “Deal or No Deal.”  Personally I find myself writhing in agony over the contestant’s apparent stupidity and greed. 

You see there is a climax in each show where the contestant is faced with a very tough decision because the guarantee and the potential for more riches are equally generous!  I have sat there a few times and thought to myself, “Would I turn down that amount of money if someone walked up to me on the street and offered it to me with no strings attached?”  I, like anyone out there, would take the money.  Then why is it so hard for the folks on the show to make that decision? 

Could this tension be chalked up to simple greed?  Yes, but there is a greater lesson here for Christ-followers.  Those of us who do follow Christ can sit on our thrones of piety and boldly state that if were faced with a situation of secured provision versus uncertain riches, that we would quickly take the former.  But would we and do we really?  In Luke 14:26-27 Christ talks about the price of following him.  He says that if anyone is not ready to drop everything and pursue a life of “followship,” then he must not truly love him.   Every day we are faced with a choice – a choice to give up certain amounts of control and security in our lives for a future that is absolutely grounded on the unknown – a life that requires large amounts of faith. 

I want to think that I answer that question correctly.  I want to think that I have let go of all my earthly possessions and even my family for Christ, but I also realize that a need exists daily to reenlist in that endeavor.  It isn’t something that is inherently resident within us.  That choice to release has to happen daily.  Why?  Because just like the game show, the stakes change each round; or, in our case each and every day. 

Christ is asking us daily, “Deal or No Deal.”  I have to be ready to assess the costs and moved forward in faith.  The good news is that I may lose everything, but I will always come out on top in the end.  The payoff just might not look like the one you had envisioned!  That is God’s guarantee to us “contestants.”  He will provide, protect and lift us up.