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The Kingdom is dynamic

Isn’t it amazing how the “kingdom of God” is dynamic?  God is always at work and I am reminded again recently how this is certainly the case.  I could list a number of evidences of this, but I wanted to say thanks to a friend that is moving on in life.  Alan Michael, who was our former Minister with Children for FBC McKinney, has taken a new position with another church in Flower Mound, TX.  Rockpointe Church will be his new home for ministry and leadership.  We are excited for Alan, but obviously sad that he will be leaving our ranks.  But isn’t that how God works?  He is in the business of changing the world, and he has invited us to be a part of that journey.  That journey will be full of friendships and memories along the way.  In this case, I am glad that I had both with my brother in Christ.  Take care Alan!  We look forward to great things accomplished in the Lord through your humble service at Rockpointe Church!