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Good read…

If you haven’t checked out Adam Copeland’s blog lately, you really should.  It is an interesting perspective on life due to his deployment in the USMC. 

Click here for a recent and engaging post on his blog.  In the future, you can find a link to his blog to the right on my blogroll.

Coming home!

This video clip really got to me!  It was on the national news last night.  Sedro Wooley is a town near my home town of Seattle. 

Video:  Sailor comes home!

Going off to war

I am losing my children’s minister in a couple of weeks due to him being called up by the USMC.  His unit will be deployed to Iraq within the year after some preliminary training.  It has been hard to watch this scenario unfold.  I have spoken with him at length about the personal, relational and spiritual tension that this news has caused in his life.  The inconvenience it has caused on our staff pales in comparison to the frustration this news has provided in his personal goals, family and friendships. 

One of the more poignant moments for me along this journey came during a staff meeting in which Adam prayed.   He longed to go home, but home in this case was not his residential home but rather his heavenly home.  His prayer mentioned how taxed he was with the increased realization that this world is full of strife and turmoil.  It was obvious that this man, unlike most of us in the room, was being confronted with the ugliness of the world in a real and traumatic way through war.   He was coming to grips with the fact that he was soon to find himself in a world that was unlike anything he had experienced before.  Given that awareness, Adam was simply and honestly crying out to his heavenly father asking Him for a “different cup.” 

That prayer was one of the rawest I had ever witnessed.  He wasn’t dying, nor had he lost anyone.  Adam just knew that the world was about to be more upside down than it already was given his marching orders.  It got me to thinking… do I long for another place?  Do I long to be “home?”  Does the idea of spending eternity in heaven appeal to my core being?  I often grieve over what I see each day… death, crime, sorrow, lack of satisfaction, greed, etc., but do those observations propel me to ponder heaven’s qualities? 

I, like so many of you, get wrapped up with the goals and daily life objectives found here on earth.  Even as one who serves in the local church, my horizons are limited by my inability to gaze upon the life hereafter on a regular basis.  It usually takes a funeral or other dreadful news for me to consider life beyond.  I pray that the burden of this life does drive me to want for “home,” but in the mean time I ask God for wisdom and power to cope with and improve life as it exists currently. 

You can pray for Adam and Kimberly in the days and months ahead.  You can pray for his safety, and Kimberly’s peace of mind.  You can pray that God will reveal more of Himself to Adam in this trying time.  Pray that Adam will leave a lasting impact on his fellow soldiers.